Mother in law

Desiree • I`m 30, been married for 2yrs now and we are ttc for #2 together. My hubby doesn`t believe in stepparents and loves my 12yr old son as his own. Yup I`m blessed!!
I care about and love her. The minute I don't fall into line with what she wants, my name gets dragged through the mud and she calls my husband to bad mouth me. She then gets upset with him bc he defends me! I mean seriously, I'm his wife! We are Christians and are supposed to be walking the walk and talking the talk. My father in law is our pastor, so she is our first lady. She judges me on my last mistakes, saying she forgives me but really doesn't. She doesn't trust me and has told my husband so. He always tells her when she gets like this that I will always come before her and he will always defend me bc I am his wife and he loves and honors me. That just infuriates her. I'm at my wits end. She just called about my son and how I raised him before I met my husband and how he is soft and just things you just don't or should say about a child who you claim as your grandchild. My son is 12 and knows she isn't his bio gma but he loves her anyway. She obviously has an issue with it all of a sudden now. I just want to be happy and at peace. My husband wants that for me too. I've been distancing myself from the family for about a month or so bc things just keep happening. I'm so content just being home and I'm happiest here. Anyone else have an in law like this? I know I need to do what's best for me, I just wanted a little feedback. Thanks. Now that that's done lol.