So I know none of you know me. And I can't stand all the questions people start probing when you say something or post on fb I just need to get it out. I told the 1 person that needed to know (my hubby) but I need to vent.... I lost my job yesterday.... So not what we need right now. But it happened. I'm stressed to the max, depressed yet angry, panic mode has set in I'm either crying or sleeping. I don't want to eat. I just don't know.... I have a damned panic and anxiety disorder that makes things horribly worse sometimes and right now it's topped out right before 'hospital limit'. Financially we are screwed unless I can find something quickly. Right now he works for our rent and my income covered the bills and everything else. Fml... I'm looking for a new job it's just the waiting for a reply that sucks... Sorry everyone I just had to vent a bit and I don't want to burden him too much with my stress to add to his