Our baby's gender

 So my husband and I are not very far along with our third baby. However, we have a girl who is two And a boy who will be a year old in October. So with this baby we have decided to keep the gender surprise. I plan on giving four close friends/family gift cards to different stores with a wish list for boy and for girl. When baby is born and we know what it is I want to text each of the four people either pink or blue and let them go shopping!! I think it will be a fun way to keep everyone close to us involved. I am worried that the curiosity will take over to soon as to if it is a boy or a girl. Did anyone else keep it a surprise and if so, how did you keep curiosity from taking over before baby arrived?? :D I really want it to be a surprise for everyone including my husband and I so I don't want to ruin it to early (and I can be a really impatient person sometimes lol)