My opk horror!

Brittany • Hi I`m Brittany , I am a 28 yr old mother to a 6year old boy,me and my so have been together 7 years, and were sweet hearts in Jr.high , and now are finally ready for baby #2 . ttc her for 2 +years
So ladies I an new to the opk test strips , but I wanted to be more precise about my tracking this cycle so I started right after my period and I got a normal looking one nothing in the test and a line on the control well now just for giggles I am using after I ovulated ( of ovulated on thet3/6 not sure where at but between those days) so I have been getting all positive opks and I have looked it up and everything says oh your pregnant or your lh surgery was 2 weeks long yah ok do i don't want to assume that I am pregnant , because we don't want the heart ach , but if I am isn't stress bad for the baby , Idk what do you think or know , or have you had a similar situation???!!