Going earlier to first appointment?

Hey ladies! Ftm here with a few questions. First of all- holy hell i can't believe I'm actually pregnant!!! I'm so excited and so nervous!!!
My question is this: is there ANY chance that i could possibly get into my ob/gyn early? I know every office is different but i have a history of severe anxiety and depression and, to make it short and sweet- every day i am terrified. I'm so scared i will lose this baby or already have and didn't realize, scared i might not actually be pregnant despite positive pregnancy an dblood tests...on and on it goes. I am stressing myself out which is bad for the baby so i was wondering if i could get in early to maybe aleviate some fears? I'm 7 weeks 1 day but my appointment isn't until when I'm 9 weeks (very very long time for me to stress about this). I just want to be reassured that everything is alright. Has anyone heard of doctors seeing you early because of this? Its driving me crazy!