FU dollar tree

So I've never used OPKs before and this is our first month "trying". My SO told me the other night how BADLY he wants a baby boy. Not to the point he'd be disappointed if we had another girl, but shared some feelings that were really cute and sentimental about wanting a son. So naturally I want to so my best to try for a boy and that involves knowing my exact ovulation time better. Well I'm in my fertile week so I headed to dollar tree to grab some kits that won't cost us 10-12 bucks a pop... I ended up going to 2 different dollar trees and same story... None are on the shelves, but they have their shipments in and just haven't restocked the shelves! WTF!!! I wanted to claw through their boxes and get my tests! I'll be so pissed if I miss my "best" day because they suck at running a business.