Does anyone else feel like this??

I'm divorced. My ex husband left while I was pregnant and we were married to be with his mistress and their it's just been me and my son basically. We went to court because he said that I was denying him his rights to see his son. Which I wasn't I'm in the same house he left us in and have the same number. Moving on thousands of dollars wasted in court and on lawyers for basically nothing...he STILL DOES NOTHING for our son. No visits no calls nothing. How can you not care about your child?? Your first born?? But if he sees us out somewhere he's bragging, can I take him to McDonald's??? Really 3 yrs later and u want to brag and go to McDonald's that's the best u can do?? But the son with his mistress is the pride and joy..he has his pic tatted on him and like father like son. Um hello what is our son? It just bothers me he does nothing for him but yet brags like he's dad of the year.