Leaking fluid!! Need help!! TMI

Shams 👶💙
So yesterday I went for my weekly appointment at the hospital I am already 2-3 cm dilated and 40% effaced but its been like this for weeks and yesterday there was no change.. I started to have discharges yesterday evening and they were a lot more than normal that I had to change my panties 5 or 6 times until this morning when I was sleeping I felt a little warm feeling down there and thought it was a discharge then went to the bathroom to check it out it turned out to be watery and it was enough to soak my panties.. I went to the hospital and they didn't give me any definite answer and told me to just monitor the situation and my question is could it be amniotic fluid and if it is would it hurt my baby to lose it?? And what should I do or watch out for?? Need your help ladies I am kinda freaking out!!