Got to SEE the hb Today, last week sac measured 6 wks , also today measured 6 weeks..
I WILL START MY STORY! I think prayer and orogesterone is saving my baby.
Two weeks ago - just empty sac dated 5w5d
A week ago- dated 6w2d , us Showed embryo, yolk sac Healthy sac and fetal pole measuring 3mm
Today- dated 6w1d (apparently no sac growth)- we got to see embryo measuring 4.9mm, AND GOT TO SEE HB!! Couldnt hear it because they said it was after 5mm. Baby is definitely growing
DOWNSIDE, this past qednesday, hcg 2075, today WE SAW THE HB. 
LAdies dnt lose hope! god is great
Ps, i lost my baby on july 3rd got oregnant again with rainbow baby 1 week or 1 week and a half after. 
So theres no way to know exactly how far along am i. 
Also ive been on progedterone 2x a day 400mg daily orally, and shots 100mg every other day
LADIES DONT LOSE HOPE!! God is great amazing!!