No vent in the nursery??

We just had an offer accepted on a house that is very old. Built in the late 1800s. There have been tons of updates to it and it has three bedrooms technically. There are two on the main floor and then a giant master on the second floor and a room they have labeled as a "sitting room. " it has a window or two but there are no vents nor is there a closet. I'm not worried about the closet, that's definetley something we can change and add later but I'm concerned that there is no vent. Is that going to be an issue or will the baby be ok in there? She will probably be with us majority of the time in our room since its HUGE and she wouldn't be sleeping in her nursery for a few months after she was born. I just don't want to be on separate floors when she's that young. Any thoughts on this??