Ovulating after coming off the pill

Hi all, 
          I was just wondering if anyone came off the pill then started to track ovulation using the LH test strips ( brought from e-bay ) and how long after coming off the pill were you able to pick up a possitve LH surge. 
I was Off the pill for a few months last year hoping to fall but not putting pressure on timing sex but due to circumstance we went back on the pill. During that time off the pill I was testing ovulation with again the LH strips from savers this time and I did pick up a possitve ovulation LH test on the month I used then. We have now decided to actually ttc and have got pregnancare conception tablets too and I'm trying to track ovulation but it's our first month and I'm on day 16 but no LH surge present yet. I'm not stressing as it's only month one but just wondered about others experiences. ?