Rash downstairs...

I have a rash downstairs it look alot like "jock itch" photos on google and ive tried everything i can think of to help it but nothings worked.. has anyone else had this? Any ideas or helpful hints to help this?


*Very itchy but not all the time.

* looks like Jock itch rash

*Only on bikini line and inside of legs not actually on vagina.


*no history of STDs and recent medical assured me that still all clear.

*only been with hubby for 8 years and he is showing NO signs of having it.

* not a shaving rash (i used to wax months ago and but its free range down there atm lol

* havent changed any products lately

*rash been around for about 2 weeks now.

I DO have a DRs appointment but not till friday :( that was earliest i could get in.