Rubbing of the belly..

Bree-Anna • Military wife; Mommy to 👧🏾 4 year Aubri now expecting DI/DI twins girl 👧🏾 and boy 👦🏾
Hey eveyone...i hope everyone is having a great sunday...have a question for do you guys feel about people rubbing your belly? For me, its getting aggravating....i have these two friends..which are the god parents to my child that like rubbing my belly every time they see me...and i hate it...its at the point where i dont want to be around them..or i would put a pillow over my belly or even my purse over it so they wont touch it...i know they mean well...but i just want my husband or the other god mother to touch a over reacting? And whats the best way to tell people please dont touch me?