Am I crazy. *vent

Sydni • USCG Wife | 20 | baby Ward due 3/26/16
*sorry for the semi long post. 
I am so so so angry... I just need to vent. Okay so I'm planning my gender reveal party and I sent out invitations last week. Well this week rolls around and my family is offended by the way I addressed the invitation. Ex. This is how I wrote it: "Susie and Joe" and this is how they wanted it written: "Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe." I honestly didn't think a lot about how to address the invitations because I needed to get them out and because it's a party hosted by my husband and I, and my husbad doesn't address them by "aunt / uncle". Anyway, so this has now been made into a big enough deal for me to be scolded by my mother, my grandma, and my aunt. And I was told I "offended" people. I apologized and i was wrong for apologizing( my cousin seems to think I didn't have to apologize), but if I didn't apologize I would've gotten my head ripped off more. Honestly, I just don't even want to have this party anymore. The whole entire reason was to share it with my family and my husband's and it's obvious that how their invitation was written is more important than the invitation itself. 😞. I just want to know if I'm going overboard here, or if my hormones are controlling my emotions? Or if my family shouldn't have made it about themselves?