New and flustered

I just anticipated this would be difficult didn't know for sure. My son is 12. Why not have another baby. Logged my periods. Followed ovulation, did the deed, alot. I am 6 days from my period. I felt ovulation, and had bad cramps and sore breasts that are so heavy the following 2 weeks. I've been nauseated. Had horrible cramps. My breasts are sore and when I lay on my back and feel them I swear there's a change in density. Like they are almost cotton filled and so sore. Headaches and I've never been so tired. I'm 6 days away from the start of my period and thought for sure this test would be positive. Yet it's negative. As I sit here my breasts are killing me. How is this even possible. I feel like I'm crazy. Test was by urine through my doc. Ugh.