What would you do, please answer... im in such a hard place.. what to do ):

Miranda • 21! My sweet ShyAnn was born 03/27/14, love my hubby Zachariah Mabe, trying for baby #2!!
I have a evil landlord that's known of our 2 dogs, a husky and a German shepard since they were puppies.. his "rule" is 35lbs.. well they now are 50lbs.. he wants us to get rid of them or he will evict us.. I have a chihuahua we get to keep.. my daughter is 1 1/2 and we may be pregnant with a 2nd child.. we live in a 3rd 2 bath trailer... put in a huge chain link fence.. NOW do we get rid of our fur babies.. or do we look for another home? I'm so torn on what to do...

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