Am I leaking fluid?!!!!! FTM

I'm currently 26 weeks and I've been having a lot more discharge lately, which I know is normal. However, when I'm out and about, let's say I'm at school, there's so much that I can feel it through my panties, and when I check in the bathroom my underwear is really wet. It's not running down my leg, I don't have any cramps so I'm trying not to worry. It's clear and doesn't smell like anything really, and I know there's an increase of discharge around this time but should I go to the ER? (Trouble with insurance to see dr atm) I don't wanna waste time in the emergency room if it's normal but I also wanna ease my mind...if I'm laying down, it's not a problem. If I'm at home, there's not that much of it. It's not a constant thing..but should I worry?