I feel like my life is falling apart

I am 21 and I have had my own apt for 6-7 months now. I haven't lived with my parents since I was 18. I have always been fine providing for myself. The beginning of June my sister moved in with me. Beginning of July I lost my job and then I went into a deep depression. I wasn't showering, I was just eating and sleeping all day. I'm not sure why depression overwhelmed me. Anyway I fell so far behind on everything. Finally a month and a half later I came out of my funk and got a new job. I have been trying to keep up but I might get evicted this week and if I do my sister and I have nowhere to go because we are in GA alone. My electric bill is due, phone is months past due and my rent is a month and a half behind. Everyday I get up and go to work and everyday I feel like I'm getting smaller. I can feel the depression trying to creep back and I can't afford it. I don't have a question. It is just a rant.