Weight gain - 18lbs at 19w 3d

I have my monthly check in today so I hope to get my doctor's recommendation but I am hoping to find some ideas to eat healthy for my little girl but maybe keep my weight healthy too. I am use to eating pretty clean. I lost 100 lbs last year so the weight gain and hunger has been hard to process. I have found I have been adding sweets and fast carbs because I am hungry. I did this in Hawaii because it was hard to find fruit or veggies on the road. Now back at home, I do meal prep but I am finding my meals leave me starving because they are light on fat and carbs. And then I find myself at snack bar at 3pm. Or the ice cream at 8pm. I have replaced my chicken breast for lunch with a turkey chili with kidney beans with side of steamed broccoli and red potatoes at breakfast. Any other ideas on healthy ways to stay full?  TIA