Funny response to RUDE SIL

So my SIL is pretty rude my husband and I have never been close to her for many reasons too many to list. So she got my number from his mother unfortunately and has been texting nonstop asking about my kids I had twins. My one kid is colic and has pretty bad stomach issues its getting taken care of but it gets very out of control. Well when I don't answer her right away she gets very rude like saying hello wake up are you there or  can you not get it together today and so on. 
So I finally had it yesterday and I taped my song having a meltdown and made sure to put the phone next to him so it will be very loud. I sent it. Then I wrote her yes I am here I am awake been awake since early morning and yes I am in control and I am being a mother something that I hope you understand and I sent it. Lool I feel so good now and no response yet from her lol. My husband thinks it's hilarious.