Bleeding after intercourse...TMI

I'm a little freaked out because after my SO and I BD today I went to the bathroom and there was so much blood. It is not my period (until Oct. 8th).
I got up pretty suddenly after BD'ing (normally I'd wait a little when TTC, but I'm already past ovulation) and when the semen came out in the toilet, it was like brownish/red. So I wiped and it was the same. This hasn't happened to me before, so I started thinking about what changed this cycle...I finished my 1st cycle of Chlomid at the beginning of the month and I added Preseed this cycle during my fertile week, but that's it. 
Could either of those things have caused this delayed reaction (since I haven't used either in the last week-2 weeks)? I didn't feel like I tore and there's no blood now (hours later). I don't have any cramping to make me believe it's an early period. 
If you have experience/ideas, please help!! Thank you! 
PS. I have a dr. Appt on the 1st already to check hormones and do a blood test for pregnancy following my first round of Chlomid, so I'll bring it up there, just trying to see what others know or have experienced first.