How to stop/lower my milk supply?

When my baby was born he was taken away immediately from me. I wasn't able to nurse him right away I had to wait 2 days. In the mean time I was pumping and nothing was coming out. Then they told me to pump 20 min on each breast to start my milk supply! & so I did! Once my baby was given to me I was producing enough. Than I kept oh pumping because he wasn't latching on. By my check up 5 days later the lactation consultant told me I was over pumping she could tell from far away! No wonder I was always so engourged! Now 2 months later I still over produce. Every 3 hrs I pump 10-12 oz all together. I am always in pain and when my boobs engourge it's worse because they get so hard and it hurt to even touch them. I don't wanna stop feeding my baby breastmilk but is there anyway to lower my milk supply? I just don't wanna be in pain anymore and have to take 800ml of ibuprofen! 😢 please someone help! The pain is so horrible that I just want to no longer have boobs!