Please read and give me some input!

Lindsey • 🌈🎀 💙| expecting number 3!
SO. I haven't had a period since I started on July 5, ended on July 9. For a couple weeks I felt very pregnant - had all the symptoms and everything. I got three or four VERY faint positives but a ton of negatives. I went to the doctor who did a quant blood test and the results were <1. But right before the appointment me and hubby BD'd because my CM was egg white for about a week. I thought nothing of it until now. For the past few days my boobs have been SO sore and I've had stabbing cramp pains that almost feel like diarrhea cramps but not. Just so horrible. I also have been so tired, bloated, and a raging bitch by accident. I still have not gotten my period. Do you think there's a chance that I might be pregnant?  PLEASE comment I need some insight!