Baby or wedding??

My fiancé and I have been together going on 5 years and we've been engaged for 9 months. We had set our wedding date for July 30th 2016. We placed a deposit on our venue, and I have even recently purchased my dress. Now my fiancé is wanting to postpone the wedding for another year in efforts to launch a business that would be hugely beneficial for the both of us. I know it would be a financially smart move, and I know he would make it up to me with a fabulous wedding later on. It's the fact that I'll have to wait another year to have a baby. I'm 27, if we postpone the wedding I'll be 29 before we are married. I don't want to wait anymore. The embarrassment of telling everyone the date is being pushed back is bad enough, not being able to start my family is killing me. What should I do? Do I tell him I want a baby now and just work my booty off to fit into My dress? Or do I wait and and bide my time till we finally get hitched?