Organizing baby shower stuff. Did you go crazy!?

Amy • First time Michigan mommy to a beautiful daughter, Leila Sky. 26 years young. ❤️🍉🌸🐰🍵🍣🌟🎀
So, I've spent a few days trying to organize baby shower gifts. Piles of return this, wash that, books, not sure if we need that, what the heck is this thing, oh geez no tags, etc... And I started to get so overwhelmed!!! I had to stop myself before I started crying! There aren't really any receipts for anything. As grateful as I am, a lot of this stuff just seems like things they thought were a good idea last minute or something. I feel SUPER blessed this little girl was so fortunate to receive these sweet gifts, but to be honest, nothing came from the registry and we could return a lot of it to go towards some major necessities! (Bottles, onesies, first aid kit, diapers, changing pad etc) Anyone else feel this way? I don't want to come off as selfish, I am SO grateful! But, aiyaiyai!!  Anyone else going through this??

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