Threatened abortion/miscarriage

Sandra💕 • Mommy x 2 ❤️
I'm 7 weeks 2 days today. And unfortunately I've been in And out of the emergency rooms since last week. (6weeks) I started lightly spotting and now I'm passing blood clots and more blood. At first, they couldn't find his heartbeat I'm guessing due to the fact he was tiny. As of last night. I finally got a heartbeat & although the doctor said it was a little weak. He also did the pelvic exam on me and I came out good. He mentioned that when a miscarriage is in progress your cervix is open, mine was closed. I guess I'm still in that possibility risk, I'm just wondering if anyone went through this and had a good outcome!?😢 tomorrow is my FIRST regular ultrasound at my doc. I've had 2 ultra sounds at the emergency room I just never had MY ultrasound!!im honestly so scared and I'm trying not to lose hope it's just very very hard.