AWFUL Roommates.

My husband and I are currently living with our friends after they asked us to move in in April, to help with the mortgage payment on their new house. The agreement we all made was to live there for a couple years with them. They just had a baby, and now they want their personal space. That's fine. They told us 2 weeks ago we should start looking for our own place, and we happily said yes. Well, tonight, they waited until we left the house and then sent us a string of rude texts about how we're a burden on them and we haven't been taking them seriously about finding a place. It's been 2 weeks mind you since we found out we have to leave , and we've already viewed 2 apartments, and are in the process of seeing if we qualify for a home loan. We come home to try to talk to them about it, and as soon as they see our car pull up they just run over to the window and shut their lights off, and pretend they're going to bed just so they don't have to talk to us. I've heard them saying mean things about my husband and I behind our backs multiple times, and I let it go. We moved in to help THEM. And now they're going to act like this?? Really?