Implantation bleeding

I stopped taking birth control last month and I've had sex during my peak fertility days.  I've felt horrible after stopping my birth control pills.  Like I was having withdrawals. I was nauseated had slight burn in my ovaries nipples were burning. Slight cramps. Dizziness. A little vertigo.  
Well tonight. I've had a little bleeding. Not a lot. But a tiny bit with some mucus. Is the implantation bleeding. It was light pink. I googled picture and mine looked the exact same. 
I'm confused because I feel like this has been too easy if I am pregnant (it's too early to test unless I find a super sensitive test). If I am it literally happened as soon as I stopped my birth control pills.  I always thought it took months to conceive after BC pills.    
I guess I wonder if it's just my messed up body trying to get normal after taking BC pills for 12years or I am having signs of pregnancy.  Any advice is appreciated