Soo So Upset..Hubby Shared We're Pregnant

My husband is on a bachelor party trip with his four best guy friends and the groom's other 8 friends (whom I don't know). I'm 10 weeks pregnant with our first babe. Hubs and I promised we'd keep this a secret until our 12 week ultrasound because of the chance of miscarriage. Frankly, I'm terrified of that happening. We've only told our parents and his siblings the good news. I haven't even told my sisters. 
I just found out through one of the best friends' girlfriends that my Hubs got drunk last night and announced I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I don't know yet whether he told just the best friends, which I can get over (they're super close), or the whole group of 12 guys. I'm furious and scared. I'm afraid that if he told all the guys, they'll quickly gossip to their gossipy girlfriends and everyone who knows the bride and groom will find out in no time. And my own FAMILY doesn't even know yet. I don't want a bunch of strangers knowing if I have a miscarriage.
So now I'm pregnant, emotional, and home alone. I don't know if I should text my Hubs and confront him, because he's probably drunk. And I don't want to ruin his trip. I don't know what to do though. Frankly, I'm surprised he did this. And I just want to know who actually knows so I don't have to freak out for no reason... What the hell do I do?