I have an almost 2 yr old daughter and we have had one chemical and one blighted ovum which I needed a dnc for at 9 weeks. with my daughter I had thick positive tests right away and these last 2 just kept showing light. now I'm pregnant again and I'm addicted to testing because I'm so freaked out. I've taken over 12 tests from 4dpo (when I had implantation bleeding) all the way to yesterday which would be 2 days before missed period and they are all faint. 2 have been negative and all the rest have been faint, only difference is a week ago when they sat the line didn't change and the 2 I took yesterday turned to an obvious positive after sitting a few hours. we are praying it's a healthy pregnancy but anyone have success stories? same situation? I'm scared to go into the Dr and get an ultrasound with no baby again :, (