Doctor Visits

Needing to compare doctor visits with someone. My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years now. We haven't taken any extreme measures yet so when I went to do my yearly last year, my doctor said in order to check if we were both ok. They would need to do a sperm check from my husband for $200 and then a fallopian tube check with dye for $800. We hadn't decided yet if we wanted to spend that much money yet on a test and then they still wouldn't be able to tell us if something was wrong. So this year when I did my yearly again, my doctor was pretty much rude about me not doing the tests and how that was the only way and also explained about how I need to lose weight if I want to have a baby. That that's probably it. With all do respect, Im average size and I have seen bigger girls than me still get prego. Ladies, is that the only option y'alls docotr gives y'all or is mine just being an a**hole?