Sister in law

Little🌙Dragon • 40 year old mom of 2. 🕰 Do I dare go for IVF #2???
I have a very competitive sister in law. She is much more energetic/showy then me and enjoys being the center of attention. Lots of booby and short skirts at all times. I'm totally ok with that as I tend to be the creative behind the scene type and a little more conservative.
On occasion she has been manipulative to things in her favor. At times I see her doing it to others and at times she's done it to me. I have come home and talked loads of shit about her to my husband before. He's not fond of it :/
Yesterday we got into a discussion about her and he said I was mad and jealous of her!! Uggh jealousy yuck!! The worst statement ever. I really want to talk to him and clarify that I am definitely not jealous but is that even worth discussing??? Is that something his family has pinned me for? Jealous? Is this one of those things I should totally let go of? I'm feeling like only women would understand...