Wish I knew what to expect...


I went to the ER in the middle of the night last night, should've been 10 weeks tomorrow but there was no movement and baby measured 7+2. Some cramping, some bleeding. But nothing like what I've read here (huge clots, intense pain, D&C and medications to help complete miscarriage).

Since I got home from the hospital at 4:30am, I have had no bleeding and very light cramping. I have an appt with my OB tomorrow, but I am uneasy about what to expect.

I plan on going to work tomorrow, but will I start bleeding and cramping? What will my doc recommend? Will I see my baby pass? Why did I "feel pregnant" for that 2.5 weeks while carrying no life?

I know everyone has their own journey through loss, I just hate not knowing what to expect. Or trying to prepare for the worst, not knowing what that looks like.

I am 33 and this is/was my first pregnancy. I feel lost and empty, but also hopeful for a future successful pregnancy. 🌈

Update: I had my OB appt today and was given Cytotec to use if I wanted. Does it hurt like hell?