Different cultures

My hubby is from El Salvador. When I told him I started my period at 10 he was suprised. He said most women over there are between 14 and 16. I researched it a little bit and it comes to our food. The food most of us eat is packed with all kinds iof hormones. Causing women in the USA and other developed countries to start earlier. He also said that most women over there refuse to use tampons. He says his sister thinks it's Un natural. He also says the appearance of their vaginas are much darker and not only because of their race but because wearing a pad every month and letting the blood sit there for hours darkens the skin there. He so said women in his Country bleed a lot longer and heavier again I guess due to the horomones. Lastly they have birth control but you are looked down upon when buying it. He said many women end up with unplanned pregnancies so they won't be ashamed to buy the birth conttol.. Any idea ladies? I'm just curious and very interested.