Strange dream...

A couple months back I was starting to hook up with this guy, named for story purposes Charlie, and eight as I was my best friend called me and told me he had a girlfriend, named for story purposes Sally. So she had me and Sally talk and they got me convinced he was the devil himself so her and I decided to date to get back at him for "playing" both of us. So her and I were together for about a month until she needed to end us on good terms because of her feelings for him. So now he and I are together and it's an amazing relationship. It is weird how it came about but we are lucky to have found eachother. 
My dream: 
Last night I dreamt that sally kissed me... We were standing there talking because I still talk to her occasionally and I was getting advice and then she stepped towards me slowly and then all at once grabbed my face and kissed me once and pulled back to look at me for a second before full on kissing me. 
I woke up confused and don't know why the heck I had a dream like this.