Negative test. No period. I'm sure I'm pregnant.

My cycle days are 40 days give or take a couple. My last day of my last period was 9/13 my ovulation days were 10/ 3-7. I had implantion like spotting "if you want to call it spotting" off and on first pink then brown 10/ 9-17... my period was supposed to be here on the 10/19th. No period.. Sometimes it's a little late like a day or 2 still no period. I took a test the 10/ 21st "negative" but I'm having symptoms like extremely tired. Nausea. Cravings. Emotional..... my hubby tells me to wait since we tested positive for our daughter when we were 4 weeks and even then the doctors said my levels were too low and that they thought she was a chimical pregnancy. But she isn't and she is here. So I'm trying to wait next week. But I'm anxious. And just wish either aunt flow comes or I get a positive.