Okay ladies, I need non biast opinions. I'm pregnant. My boyfriend doesn't know how to handle my emotions, he doesn't know how to compromise with me 
this was one of our recent conversations. this started a huge 3 day fight & his mother decided to attack me as well.. btw his name choice was Bruce because of batman. 😒 anyway, before I got pregnant, his idea of joking was calling me a bitch or a cu*t, or throwing me on the ground & bending my body in ways I don't bend. I'm 95lbs, by the way, so I break easily. he's extremely immature and literally can't handle me right now. we're trying to work thru things, but I'm not sure if I even want to at this point. I feel like I would be happier doing this alone. he bought an Xbox 1 yesterday because he thinks he already has enough money saved up (he only has $1200 saved). I'm just beyond frustrated with him and I don't know if I want to deal with this relationship. am I right for feeling this way? should I get out?