This "shaming" business is out of control.

Michelle🐶 • 8 angel babies, now divorced but still hopeful for my first human child - already have my pitbull fur baby!!
I have had this topic in mind for a while but didn't want to post it and because of recent comments I feel I have to. 
Not every differing opinion is shaming. I feel like people have latched onto this word and use it when they don't have a better argument. (Kind of like people have done with the term "bullying", but I digress.)
Telling women to be careful and responsible is not shaming. Telling children and pre-teens not to wear revealing clothing is not shaming. Telling someone you don't agree with their idea of circumcision/vaccinating/sleeping with 100 people/whatever is not shaming. It BECOMES shaming when to try to make a person feel bad for their decision. 
There is a huge difference between disagreeing or having a certain set of morals which may be more stringent than others and shaming. Different opinions makes CC what is it- a place to debate. 
So please, unless they are actually putting a person down, can we stop calling everything shaming? It makes the word unimportant when you use it ad nauseam.  

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