Anybody else ever been in a similar situation? How did you get through it, any real world advice. I'm very insecure about my self and my body I'm 5 feet and 125 pounds, I'm an hour glass though! Most of my weight is around my belly. I've tried losing weight but have up many times, this summer because of a bad report cart I gained 15 pounds which a lot! In grade 9, I completely humiliated myself by falling for a guy and confessing, and after that lies and lies to make them forget about that. Life has never been the same I'm always that weird girl. Every time, I get out of my shell and maybe flirt just a touch, guys leave. Some said unless I 'change' or 'fix myself' and some said 'believe in yourself' and 'suck it up' or 'get over it'. I am. I know it's just 1 more year, being in grade 11, how do I cope, I've given up on love so many times but I'm still here hoping and believe there's yet hope for me.