Kwerkymurkie • I wish I was the moon.
Okay so me and SO have been together 2 years & lately he's been really wishywashy. Today we returned from his hometown, 4 hr drive, and I had to go straight to work. As some of yall know, it's raining VERY bad in the Houston, Texas area. My job requires me to be on the road, and we have a flash flood right now. So I just got home from work, after a SHITTY day. He's ordered pizza for himself, had my cat locked up in the bathroom all day because she threw up while we were gone, on his pillow. He didn't clean the throwup up, he slept all day, then when I get home I ask him to run to walmart with me because I've been craving a lunchable. Mind you, I haven't eaten all day, he's pissy about it. "Why don't you make something we have here" I'm hungry, and I want a lunchable. Anyways, we get home from walmart & he's cuddling me & I'm quite annoyed at how the house was so dirty when I came home, when all he did was sleep all day... anyways, I ask him if he can open my nuggets because I couldn't get them open, he took them and started talking to me about my boobs (ugh) & I said "can you just open my nuggets, I'm hungry?" & he tore them open and threw them at me. WTF. I AM SO PISSED. ugggggghhhjh sorry I just need to vent. Right now I'm outside in the POURING RAIN smoking a cigarette because the house is dirty, and I'm so pissed I've lost my appetite. I've been out here for 45 min and he doesn't even care to check on me. I'm about to go in, take my food to the other room, and not talk to him ever again!!!!!!