How do I tell my bestie she's not being a good friend?

So my best friend is always going through drama and everything is a tragedy. She's 34, just had a baby with a married man and they both live with her parents (see, likes drama). I've always been there to listen, love and support her. She's a good person but just really self absorbed I guess. She doesn't ever really ask how I'm doing or what's going on in my life -maybe she thinks I just always have my crap together or something. I feel like I'm the one always making the effort, calling to check on her, trying to get together, etc. I know she's going through a lot right now being a new mom and having a loser boyfriend but like everyone else, I have a lot going on too, just not Jerry Springer crap. The more I think about it, she's kind of always been this way, self-absorbed that is. Anyway, should I say anything to her or just accept her for who she is? Or take a break from our friendship? She is a very sensitive/emotional person.