Total sadness

Kayla • 27 year old social worker who can`t wait to have a family of her own!
So after being so excited for my BFP, after 9 months of trying. 
I got up this morning and started bleeding, as it continued and got heavier I decided to go to the ER. 
After bleeding all the clots out for them, and blatantly seeing the embryo tissue sitting in a cup across the room, I lost it. 
This is my third miscarriage, each time was a struggle to get pregnant, and now it's a struggle to stay pregnant. 
My husband and I are taking some time for ourselves, work on being happy, and enjoying that maybe it's going to be the two of us, and knowing that we may need to start saving money <a href="">IVF</a> or adoption. 
Baby dust too all you beautiful ladies, and happy 9 months to all you pregnant girls!