He's here!!

I had to be induced on Friday evening. They started the process around 10 with Pitocin as the I was already effaced and 2 cm. unfortunately for me the pain was horrific and I had to get an epidural at 4 but he didn't place it right and then when I called him back he said it was fine. They changed shifts at 7 and the new woman redid it and I had blissful numbness. Despite really good contractions I never progressed beyond 6 cm so they asked if I wanted to wait it out or have a c section. The thought of an emergency c was scarier for me than just going ahead. Turned out to be the best decision of my life because the cord was around his neck and he'd moved and wasn't facing the right way. I did have some bad bleeding but I'm great, just sore. EJ was 8lbs 3oz and is perfect. Congrats to everyone and best of luck to those of you waiting on your babies.