Need advice...very long!!!!!

Stacey 🌹
Been with my SO for 5 years and have lived together for almost 2. we net when I was 22. Things seemed great in the beginning, we got on well, sex was great etc. As the years went on we sort of got into a routine and I just thought this is what a relationship is. Gets boring etc. When we bought the house everything was great and I thought it was what I wanted. Recently since March I've been having doubts about the relationship. I chatted to an old flame who made me feel amazing to the point I was gonna break up with my SO. The feelings went away and we tried to get back on track. We sat down and talked and I told him I was unhappy. I do suffer with anxiety and low moods sp I thought maybe it's this affecting me. When I'm in work I'm happy it's when I get home I'm not. I've even got a wandering eye these days as I really don't feel any attraction to my SO. He works away and when I'm on my own I absolutely love it. We get on but as I say I don't feel an attraction, sex doesn't really happen as I can't bear the thought of him. Today I was just sat here crying, feeling miserable and trapped in this relationship. It would get very messy to break up as we would have to sell the house and everything in it. I don't know what to do. We even at one point talked about kids and I've changed my mind completely.