Needing serious advice.

Kristin • 24 years young and in love with a fine man. C-section mommy to Xayden. first time mommy.

So..been with my boyfriend for two years now. And I'm now 18 weeks pregnant.. Lately I've noticed that hes been distant, avoiding me, won't look at me. About two weeks ago I made him tell me what was wrong and he finally said he wasn't happy with our relationship anymore..through all my crying he told me I needed to change my ways because I've become someone who always yells and isn't cheerful anymore. So monday his grandmother suggested we give each other space. And he agreed. I wasn't given a choice. He told me "so. I think I agree with Nene. She suggests you stay at moms, while I stay here and finish cleaning and moving stuff out...then we should be okay". So he dropped me off that night and we haven't spoken since Tuesday when I asked him to please stay faithful, tell me what I need to fix to show him that im still in this. Asked him does he have faith in me. And he promised to stay faithful, he told me I needed to stop being so lazy and making him carry the long haul everyday, and that he does have faith in me. That with some effort everything can work out. That he always wanted things fixed..ans he needs to see the effort and improvement.

Am i crazy for being scared? do I keep my mind off this, even though since being here I've done a bunch of improving... He won't speak to me, but I cry so much when I think about all this. I know I'm lazy, and I know I yell...but its not out of non appreciation.. He works hard for me, and sacrifices so much for me. In two years I lost a job, struggled finding one. And I get frustrated...because I can't help financially...I get scared BC he does smoke pot. And he does it a lot. We've been through so much these last two years...losing pregnancies, becoming homeless, losing jobs, moving to his hone state from mine. I don't want anything to be thrown away...we've come too far, and our dreams have come true with this baby we've wanted for so long. I don't want it all to fall apart. Because I do love him with everything in me.

All in do I keep my mind off this? And how can I find ways to show him I'm improving, once he's moved in?