Empty sac 5w3d

This is my 9th pregnancy- 4 earthside babes, 4 miscarriages (not consecutive). Went to the e.d a few days ago with suspected ectopic. They did a scan which showed gestational sac measuring 5w3d (spot on for dates)- but sac was totally empty. Going by my 4 previous babies, we should have seen *something*. Dr said it could just be too early but most likely not a viable pregnancy. However, my blood tests have all come back fine and I am experiencing the usual symptoms (horrible morning sickness, sore boobs, boobs have almost doubled in size already etc). I have been booked into the early pregnancy clinic with follow up bloods and scan in 2 weeks.

Has anyone had an empty gestational sac at 5w3d and ended up with a happy outcome?