Mixed feelings

Okay, so I'm feeling all kinds of emotions, worried jealous upset and many more... so my husband cousin came to live with us and they have always been close and he seems to treat her way better than me always asking how she is and just paying way more attention to her than me (or so I feel) well she attracted to him the way cousins shouldn't be and told me that she feels wrong about it because she said she knows it wrong but we told my husband so he wouldn't be in the dark and all... well ever since then they have this note book that they write in so they can talk because she can't talk to him face to face she gets to shy.... well my husband said right in front of me not to let me see or read it.... this pissed me off... and I mean he seemed so obsessed with her before she moved in and now it seems worse like no matter what she does he won't get mad at her and if she talks to other guys he pretty much tells the other guys to f off ... I mean overly protective ... im just confused what I should feel .... I mean I love his cousin she wonderful and great with our kids but I feel like with that notebook they are hiding something from me.... am I wrong for being mad?

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