PLEASE look!! Could my 0-1% chance turn into a 100% miracle?!?


I have never had a faint line before and 2 days ago and before we're all bfn. I have premature ovarian failure and Dr's give u a 0-1%chance to get pregnant with your own eggs but there are miracle stories all the time and I've been taking alot of natural supplements.

What do u ladies think?! Any and all opinions are SO greatly appreciated. I even googled how to" tweak" lol cause I've seen that on here so I did it.

Thank u so much for looking!!!

UPDATE: 815am just took a test and got bfn with fmu :( still hoping for a miracle but I'm not so sure anymore :( I hope it wasn't a false positive or bad test :(

BLOOD WORK should be in soon another 4 or 5 hours please send good vibes and prayers my way and I'll update everyone asap! Thank u for everything ladies ♡♡♡


Thank u everyone for your kind words and support you really have no idea how much it means to me. My blood work came back negative :( I guess I had a false positive. BUT it's ok. I can't wait for AF to get here, if she comes it'll be my second cycle in a row and that is a huge deal considering I haven't had 2 cycles in a row in over 3 years ♡ which will mean my natural supplements are helping my body get into gear. Thank u again ladies and good luck on your TTC journey ♡ never lose hope. I was hoping to be able to surprise my husband and son with our miracle but it will happen in time ♡ I just know it♡♡