There is hope! TTC with ovarian cysts.

4 months before my wedding I stopped taking the BC pill. I started to get severe lower abdominal pain. Turns out 3 weeks before my wedding I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. This was devistating news as I have desperately wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember and now the time was finally here but the doctor put me on complete pelvic rest. I have had two cycles that ended with negative pregnancy tests and an unbelievable amount of tears. They cysts were bursting throughout the cycles but my Gyno assured me that I could still be ovulating and that its still likely to get pregnant with cysts. Well today my OPK test strips verified an LH surge! Im so excited. I was convinced that I was damaged and flawed but guess what. I can still ovulate! Wish me luck with the rest of this cycle and hopefully it will end with a BFP and my dreams coming true. :)