Internal scan at 6 weeks 4 days

Had an internal scan today at the early pregnancy unit as I have had quite a bit of pain.  His dates are the same as mine 6.5-7 weeks pregnant.  We watched our baby float with a very strong heartbeat , radiographer said this was a great result.  I've put these photos up to hopefully make other ladies relax a bit.  I was not relaxed before this scan thinking I was going to have a miscarriage at every moment I felt pain.  There isn't really anyone to ask pregnancy related questions (for us ladies in the UK) as our midwife appointments will be at approx 10'weeks.  The early pregnancy nurse told me today to stay off the Internet as it does more harm than good so ladies if you have concerns then go and see your GP or get in touch with the early pregnancy unit.  We cried when we saw the double b's (baby beatz) heart beating...absolutely amazing!! So chuffed!